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IROAD CPL Filter for FX2 & FX2PRO

Rs. 999.00
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Reduced Windshield Glare: CPL filter variable effectively reduces the glare caused by the reflection of sunlight or headlights on the windshield, reducing distractions and improving overall driving safety.

Technical Specifications

Logistic data

EAN‘ : 6974260729176
Quantity in box : 10
GOC : '72917630
Order entry : GS300X1

Accessories included

Accessories : Power cable
Power cable lenght (m)3.6m

Weight and dimensions

Product dimensions : (L x W x H)98mm*43mm*30mm  mm
Box weight : (incl. product) (g)227g
Product weight : (g)78g

Introducing IROAD CPL Filter for FX2PRO Dash Camera

Benefits of Having IROAD CPL Filter for FX2PRO Dash Camera

  • Protection

    Protect the lens from fingerprints, scratches and dirt destroying

  • High Color and Saturation

    Reduce reflections and glare from glass, metals or shiny surfaces that would damage image quality, this works in the same way as polarized sunglasses


  • Night and Day

    Be used during day time and at night

  • Water Proof

    CPL Filter is used as the waterproof as well under any unconditional circumstances