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3MP WiFi Indoor Camera

Rs. 1,399.00
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HIFOCUS 3MP 360°WiFi CCTV Security Camera for Home | Full HD 2304 X 1296P | Video Pan/Tilt | 2-Way Audio| Night Vision| Motion Detection | Cloud Storage | Support Alexa & Google Assistant

Technical Specifications


  • WiFi Connect
  • 105° Viewing Angle
  • Pan & Tilt
  • Motion Tracking
  • P2P Technology
  • Cloud Storage
  • Two Way Audio
  • MicroSD Card Support

Package Contents

  • Camera
  • Power Cable
  • User Manual

Weight and dimensions

Product Dimensions:

  • 102mm x 120mm x 80mm
  • Box Weight: 350g
  • Product Weight: 300g

WIFI PT Indoor Camera

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    Your Personal WiFi CCTV Security Camera for Home

      • Day/Night Mode
      • Motion Tracking
      • Two Way Audio Communication
      • Pan & Tilt

    HI-FOCUS 3MP Wi-Fi Home Security Camera

    The 3MP WiFi Indoor Camera is a top-tier solution for homeowners looking to bolster their home security with advanced technology. With its 3MP resolution, this camera delivers crystal-clear video, capturing every detail with stunning clarity. The WiFi connectivity allows for easy setup and seamless integration with your home network, enabling you to monitor your home remotely through a smartphone app. This indoor camera also features night vision, ensuring reliable surveillance even in low-light conditions. With motion detection and real-time alerts, you can stay informed about any unusual activity, giving you peace of mind whether you're at home or away. The 3MP WiFi Indoor Camera is a perfect blend of high-definition video quality, convenient remote access, and robust security features, making it an essential addition to any modern home security system.

    Feature of HI-FOCUS 3MP

    • Wi-Fi Connectivity

      This wifi camera is Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, you can connect the camera to your local network wirelessly. This enables remote access to the camera's feed from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

    • Viewing Angle

      Indoor security camera offers a viewing angle of 105 degrees. This range allows the camera to cover a significant portion of the room or area it's monitoring.

    • Pan & Tilt

      Wifi cctv camera for home can pan up to 355°, tilt up to 65°, using a mobile app you can monitor and control the rotation remotely.

    • Motion Tracking

      IP camera have motion detection capabilities, which can trigger alerts or notifications to your mobile device when activity is detected in the camera's field of view.

    • P2P Technology

      Once connected, you can remotely view the camera's live feed, adjust settings, and receive alerts or notifications directly on your mobile device, as long as you have an internet connection.

    • Cloud Storage

      Indoor Wi-Fi camera may offer cloud storage options for storing recorded video footage. Cloud storage allows you to securely store video recordings off-site, typically on servers managed by the camera manufacturer or a third-party cloud service provider

    • Two Way Audio

      3MP Indoor security camera with two-way audio functionality enabled, users can communicate in both directions. For example, if you're using a mobile app to access the camera's live feed and you speak into your phone's microphone, your voice is transmitted to the camera through the app. The camera then plays the audio through its speaker, allowing you to communicate with someone near the camera.

    • MicroSD Card

      The camera is equipped with a slot for inserting a Micro SD card. This allows you to expand the camera's storage capacity and store video recordings directly on the card.

    Benefits of Having HI-FOCUS 3MP

    Day and Night Mode

    Customer Reviews

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    Timothy D. Pelley
    Amazing quality

    The image cpatured by this camera is excellent and records any motion that detects in front of the camera.. wonderful product a d thanks to the nexex seller for this price range.