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PHILIPS Gosure 5101

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PHILIPS GoSure 5101 Dash Camera for Car | 4MP 2K QHD 1600P | G-Sensor | 135° Super Wide Angle | 3” Display | WiFi | Emergency Recording | Max 256GB | Easy DIY Set Up | GoSure Safe Mobile App

Technical Specifications


  • Crystal Clear Image
  • Built in Display
  • Temperature Resistant
  • Night Vision
  • DIY Install
  • Aperture F/2.0
  • Easy Detachable
  • Upto 128GB MicroSD
  • Emergency File Protection
  • Collision Detection
  • Automatic Recording

Package Contents

  • Dash Cam
  • Power Cable
  • User Manual

Weight and dimensions

Product dimensions:

  • 70mm x 60mm x 50mm  
  • Box weight: 620g
  • Product weight : 450g

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    Benefits of Having Philips Dash Camera

    • G-Sensor Detects Collisions, Triggering Emergency Mode

      Philips Dash Cam Equipped with a 3-axis G-sensor module, the Philips GoSure 5101 detects movement and triggers an emergency mode.

      During a collision that exceeds a certain force threshold, the dashcam for cars will lock that videos in specified folder to better secure the evidence.

    • Automatic Driver Fatigue Alert Warning

      The Philips GoSure 5101 features an effective fatigue alert as it has an algorithm that calculates the hours spent driving.

      When the fatigue index gets too high and the driver should be taking a rest, the device will alert the driver with a voice warning message.

    • 2.5K QHD High-Resolution Recording

      Front dash cam captures in 1600P 2K QHD, ensuring superior video quality.

    • 3-inch Screen

      The Philips dash camera you're referring to with a 3-inch screen likely provides a convenient way to view live footage and playback recorded videos directly on the device itself.

    • Stop & Go Reminders

      Forward Vehicle Start Reminder: Notifies when the lead vehicle begins moving.

      Stay Alert: Prompts attention when the car in front starts moving.

      Prevents Delay: Helps avoid hesitation by reminding of front vehicle's motion.

    • Night Vision with WDR and Wide-Angle View

      Enhanced Day and Night Vision: Benefit from improved visibility 24/7 with night vision capabilities for the dash cameras.

      Balanced and Clear Footage: WDR technology ensures balanced and clear footage, enhancing visibility in various lighting conditions.

      Wide-Angle Coverage: Capture a broader perspective of the road with a 135° view, providing comprehensive coverage of your surroundings both ahead and behind.

    • Smart Voice Control

      Hands-Free Operation: Control dashcam functions with voice commands.

      Convenient Accessibility: Easily access features without manual input.

      Enhances Safety: Reduces distractions for a safer driving experience.

    • Wireless Connectivity for Easy Operation

      Dashboard camera built-in 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, you can enjoy a comfortable live streaming of videos on your smartphone by connecting to third party APP.

      With wireless connectivity, it allows smart control and easy operation.

    Fully Automated Operations

    Overall Features of Dash Camera

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    Best Dash camera from Philips

    Good video clarity and night vision