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VAHAN VUE Dash Camera for Car

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4K Dash Camera for Car | UHD 2560P 8MP | 2CH | Free 128GB SD Card | 1.66” IPS Screen | Wi-Fi | GPS | G-Sensor | 140° Wide Angle | Night Vision | Parking Monitoring (Opt) | Mobile App

Technical Specifications


  • Ultra High Definition
  • Night Vision
  • Circular Recording
  • Temperature Resistant
  • WiFi Compatibility
  • G-Sensor
  • Parking Monitoring

Package Contents

8MP 4K Front Camera

1080P Rear Camera

Cigar Power Cable

128GB MicroSD Card

Pry Tool

User Manual

Weight and dimensions

Product dimensions:

  • 76mm x 65mm x 60mm  
  • Box weight: 450g
  • Product weight : 380g

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High End Vehicle Video Monitoring System

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    Features of Having Vahan Vue Dash Camera for Car

    • WiFi Connectivity

      Vahan Vue 4K dash cameras for cars typically offer WiFi connectivity for various reasons, similar to other dash cameras.

      Mobile App Integration

      File Transfer and Sharing

      Configuration and Firmware Updates

    • Circular Recording

      Circular recording ensures that the car dash camera is always ready to capture new footage without the need for manual management of storage space.

      It's a convenient feature for continuous monitoring of the road and capturing important events while driving.

    • 140° Wide Angle

      Having a 140-degree wide-angle lens for the front camera and a 120-degree wide-angle lens for the rear camera in a car.

      Car dash camera offers a balanced approach to capturing the road and surroundings from both perspectives.

    • 1.66" Smart Screen

      A 1.66-inch smart screen in a dashcam for cars offers a compact yet functional display for accessing various features and settings directly on the device.

      Live View and Playback

      Menu Navigation

      Status Information

      Playback Controls

      Event Notifications

    • G Sensor

      G-sensor is a built-in feature that detects sudden changes in acceleration, deceleration, or lateral forces.

      Dashcam for cars front and rear significant impact is detected, such as during a collision, the G-sensor automatically marks the current video segment as an "event" recording.

    • Parking Monitoring(Optional)

      Dash cam for car will continue surveillance and recording even when the vehicle is parked and the engine is turned off.

      This feature is optional as per the customer.

    • Starlight Night Vision

      Starlight night vision in car dash cam utilizes advanced sensor technology to enhance visibility and clarity in low-light conditions.

      This feature allows the dash camera to capture clear and detailed footage even in environments with minimal lighting, such as nighttime or low-light settings.

    • Single Click Reverse Camera

      The single-click reverse camera option in car dashcam front and rear provides a convenient way to switch the camera's view to the rear-facing perspective with just one press of a button or touch on the screen.

      This feature in 4K dash camera for car is particularly useful when maneuvering in reverse, such as parking or backing out of a driveway.

    Compact and Discreet

    Get Super Smooth, Detail Packed Footage

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