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4MP WiFi Outdoor Rotating Camera

Rs. 2,799.00
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HIFOCUS 4MP 2K 2560*1440P QHD Outdoor CCTV Camera with WiFi | Motion Tracking | 2-Way Audio | IP65 | Night Vision | Free 64GB Micro SD Card | Cloud Storage | Support Alexa & Google Assistant

Technical Specifications


  • Crystal Clear Image
  • Temperature Resistant
  • Night Vision
  • DIY Install
  • Aperture F/2.0
  • Easy Detachable
  • Upto 128GB MicroSD
  • Emergency File Protection
  • Collision Detection
  • Automatic Recording

Package Contents

  • Dash Cam
  • Power Cable
  • User Manual

Weight and dimensions

Product dimensions:

  • 98mm x 43mm x 30mm  
  • Box weight: 227g
  • Product weight : 78g

Your Personal Road Safety Guardian

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    Benefits of Having HIFOCUS Outdoor WiFi Camera

    • 4MP Camera

      The Wifi camera outdoor offers a resolution of 4 megapixels, which means it can capture relatively high-quality images and videos.

    • Wi-Fi Connectivity

      With WiFi connectivity, Outdoor CCTV camera allows for wireless communication with your network, making installation easier and more flexible compared to wired connections.

    • Viewing Angle

      The viewing angle of the CCTV WiFi camera can vary depending on the specific lens it is equipped with. Typically, outdoor surveillance cameras come with lenses that offer a viewing angle ranging from around 70 degrees to 120 degrees.

    • Motion Tracking

      This feature enables the home security camera to detect motion within its field of view and trigger recordings or alerts, helping to enhance security and save storage space.

    • Cloud Storage

      Outdoor Wi-Fi camera may offer cloud storage options for storing recorded video footage. Cloud storage allows you to securely store video recordings off-site, typically on servers managed by the camera manufacturer or a third-party cloud service provider

    • Pan & Tilt

      Wifi cctv camera for home can pan up to 355°, tilt up to 96°, using a mobile app you can monitor and control the rotation remotely.

    • Colourized Night Vision

      HIFOCUS outdoor CCTV cameras come equipped with infrared LEDs for night vision, allowing for surveillance even in low-light or complete darkness.

    • Two Way Audio

      4MP outdoor security camera with two-way audio functionality enabled, users can communicate in both directions. For example, if you're using a mobile app to access the camera's live feed and you speak into your phone's microphone, your voice is transmitted to the camera through the app. The camera then plays the audio through its speaker, allowing you to communicate with someone near the camera.

    Colourized Night View

    Twi Way Audio Comminication

    Benefits of Having Outdoor Camera

    Customer Reviews

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    Don D. Rick
    Impressive clarity and connectivity for home security

    I recently purchased hifocus 4MP outdoor CCTV camera and I am thoroughly impressed with its performance.

    1) Stunning clear and detailed images
    2) Seamless wifi connectivity
    3) With the app I can able to monitor remotely

    Love the product and the seller for this affordable price range.