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Iroad X11 Dash camera

2K X11 Dash Cam: Superior Road Safety with Cloud Storage

The IROAD X11 dash cam for cars' front and rear stands out not only for its exceptional video quality and advanced safety features but also for its integration with cloud storage. This feature adds an extra layer of security and convenience, ensuring that your footage is safely backed up and accessible anytime, anywhere. Here's a comprehensive look at why the IROAD X11 is an excellent choice for a dual-channel 2K dash cam with cloud storage capabilities.

Key Features of the IROAD X11 Dual Channel 2K Dash Cam
1. High-Quality Resolution:
Front Camera: Records in 2K QHD at 30fps.
Rear Camera: Also records in 2K QHD at 30fps, ensuring clear and detailed footage from both ends.

2. Wide-Angle Lens:
Field of View: 155° wide-angle lens for the front camera and 140° for the rear camera, providing broad coverage and minimizing blind spots.

3. Advanced Night Vision:
Equipped with state-of-the-art night vision technology, the IROAD X11 captures clear and bright images even in low-light conditions, ensuring reliable footage at any time of day or night.

4. Wi-Fi Connectivity:
The built-in Wi-Fi allows for easy connection to your smartphone, enabling real-time viewing, downloading, and sharing of footage via the IROAD mobile app.

5. GPS Tracking:
Integrated GPS functionality records your driving speed and location, which can be invaluable for reviewing driving routes and verifying incidents.

6. Parking Mode:
The IROAD X11 car video surveillance offers a robust parking mode with impact and motion detection. This ensures your vehicle is monitored and recorded even when parked, providing evidence of any incidents that occur while you are away.

7. Intelligent ADAS:
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features, india live cameras
such as lane departure warning, front collision warning, and front vehicle departure warning, enhance your driving safety by alerting you to potential hazards.

8. Heat Resistance:
Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, the IROAD X11 dash cams
operates reliably in harsh weather conditions, ensuring consistent performance year-round.

9. Loop Recording and G-Sensor:
Continuous loop recording overwrites the oldest footage when the memory card is full, while the G-sensor detects sudden impacts and locks the relevant footage, preventing it from being overwritten.

10. Cloud Storage:
Automatic Backup: The IROAD X11's dash camera cloud storage feature automatically backs up your recorded footage to the cloud, ensuring that your videos are safe even if the physical memory card is damaged or stolen.

Remote Access: With cloud storage, you can access your dash cam footage from anywhere at any time. This is particularly useful if you need to review footage while away from your vehicle.

Storage Management: Cloud storage helps in managing and organizing your recordings, making it easier to search and retrieve specific videos when needed.

11. Easy Installation and User-Friendly Interface:
The IROAD X11 is easy to install and comes with a user-friendly interface, making it simple to set up and operate. The intuitive app interface further enhances the user experience.

The IROAD X11 Dual Channel 2K dashcam cameras
is an exceptional choice for drivers looking for high-quality video recording, comprehensive coverage, and the added security of cloud storage. Its superior resolution, wide-angle lenses, advanced night vision, intelligent ADAS, and cloud storage capabilities make it a reliable and valuable addition to any vehicle. Whether you're concerned about capturing clear footage in the event of an accident, monitoring your vehicle while it's parked, or ensuring that your recordings are safely backed up and accessible, the IROAD X11 car dash cams
has you covered. Enhance your road safety and enjoy peace of mind with the IROAD X11 vehicle dashboard camera.