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Transcend Drive pro 250 dash camera | dash camera

Drive with Confidence: Discover Transcend DP 250 Dash Camera

The Transcend DP 250 Dash Camera is designed to provide drivers with exceptional video quality, advanced features, and ease of use. Whether commuting to work, embarking on a road trip, or managing a fleet of vehicles, the DP 250 ensures that every moment on the road is captured in crystal-clear detail for a camera store near me.

High-sensitivity image sensor
  • The DrivePro 250 uses a high-sensitivity sensor to capture high-resolution images with superb, rich color even in low light. Supporting 1440P 2K QHD recording at 60fps, the DrivePro 250 offers smooth footage as well as crisp still images.

Wi-Fi connectivity
  • The DrivePro 250 features Wi-Fi connectivity that works with the exclusive DrivePro App to provide real-time footage playback and download. This means ease of access to video evidence for reporting incidents to law enforcement and insurance companies without the need to pull out the memory card.

GPS/GLONASS receiver
  • The DrivePro 250's GPS/GLONASS receiver can log coordinates, date, and time into recorded video footage. The coordinates precisely locate where an incident happened so that emergency road services, police, or an insurance representative can respond more quickly.

Wide-Angle Lens
  • Equipped with a 140° wide-angle lens, the DP 250 dashboard cam covers a broad field of view. This wide perspective reduces blind spots and ensures that more of the road is captured in each frame, providing comprehensive coverage of your driving environment.

Time-Lapse Recording
  • The time-lapse recording feature allows the DP 250 to take a frame at set intervals, creating a condensed version of your journey. This is perfect for documenting long trips or monitoring your vehicle over extended periods.

High-Endurance microSD Card
  • The DP 250 dashboard camera includes a high-endurance microSD card that is designed to withstand extensive read/write cycles. This ensures reliable performance and longevity, even with continuous recording.

  • The DP 250 features a STARVIS sensor, known for its excellent low-light performance. This ensures that you get clear and vivid footage even in low-light conditions, such as nighttime or cloudy days.

Easy Installation and Use
  • The DP 250 is designed for straightforward installation and user-friendly operation. The package includes all necessary mounting hardware, and the camera can be easily attached to your windshield.

Teen Driver Monitoring
  • Parents can use the DP 250 dashboard cameras to monitor the driving habits of their teenage drivers. Reviewing footage can help identify risky behaviors and provide an opportunity for constructive feedback and guidance.

Fraud Prevention
  • Protect yourself against fraudulent claims and staged accidents by continuously recording your drives. The high-definition footage and GPS data are indisputable evidence in dispute camera stores.

Compact and Discreet Design
  • The DP 250’s compact design allows it to be mounted discreetly on your windshield, ensuring it does not obstruct your view. Its sleek appearance blends seamlessly with your vehicle's interior.

  • The Transcend DP 250 Dash Camera is a versatile and robust device that enhances your driving experience by providing high-quality video recording, advanced safety features, and ease of use. Whether you're looking to improve safety, protect against fraud, or simply capture your adventures on the road, the DP 250 is an excellent choice.