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Philips gosure 3001 | dash came for car

Philips Gosure 3001 | Car camera dashboard


Full-HD 1080p Sharp Image to Capture Major Road Events.

With its full HD 1080p video capabilities, the Philips GS3001 captures sharp and vivid details on the road. You’ll get clear images of the actions of other drivers, including the ability to capture license plate numbers

Automatically Starts Recording When Activating the Engine

When using the car, your first action is turning on the engine. Philips GoSure 3001 always starts working automatically when the engine is turned on. The device also switches off automatically when the engine is off. You could drive away with peace of mind, knowing that your GoSure 3001 works immediately and captures your entire journey in vivid detail.

G-Sensor Detects Collisions, Triggering Emergency Mode

Equipped with a 3-axis G-sensor module, the Philips GoSure 3001 detects movement and triggers an emergency mode. During a collision that exceeds a certain force threshold, the device will lock that videos in specified folder to better secure the evidence.

Automatic Driver Fatigue Alert Warning

Drivers who are tired and unaware often find themselves in dangerous situations on the road. In India Fatigue report 2018, a study demonstrates that, when driving 2-4 hours, a rest break will help restore driver's attention and operating performance.