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How dash cameras work?-Mechanism behind dash cameras


Dashboard cameras, also as dash cams, are compact recording devices strategically positioned within vehicles.


Their primary function is to document visual records of vehicular journeys, capturing scenes from the road or the vehicle’s interior.

Below is an overview of how these devices operate:

Optical Component:

At the heart of a dash cam is its optical lens, which records visual data. Options vary from single-lens models, focusing solely on the road, to dual-lens variants, simultaneously recording both external and internal perspectives.

Recording Mechanism:

These devices are designed to record footage continuously during vehicle operation. They employ a cyclical recording method, ensuring new data replaces the oldest when reaching maximum storage capacity.

Data Storage:

Embedded within dash cams is a storage unit, often a memory card or built-in memory, with capacities ranging widely to accommodate extensive footage. Additionally, many models offer compatibility with external storage mediums, such as microSD cards.

Power Integration:

Dash cams derive power from the vehicle’s own electrical system, either through connections like the cigarette lighter or by direct wiring.  Certain models also include batteries, enabling recording to persist even when the vehicle’s engine is off.

Enhanced Functionality:

Modern dash cams are not just passive recording devices; they often incorporate advanced features like GPS for location and velocity tracking, G-sensors for collision detection, motion detectors for standby recording, and wireless connectivity for data transfer.


The installation of dash cams is typically done via suction cups or adhesive mounts on the dashboard or windshield, ensuring stability and minimal interference with the driver’s field of vision.

In essence, dash cams serve as vigilant observers, chronicling every trip, safeguarding against mishaps, substantiating insurance claims, or capturing the essence of memorable excursions.