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With these next generation of connected body-worn cameras, you’re in control of every situation. The VB400 body camera is built to protect your team and prove their professionalism with full shift recording, pre-recording capabilities, and multiple ways to connect.

1. High-quality video
  • We know every detail matters. That’s why we have equipped the VB400 body camera with a wide-angle, 1080p HD lens. Designed to capture high-quality video from the wearer’s viewpoint, the VB400 delivers transparency, protects people and proves professionalism
2. CMOS Sensor
  • Pair text with an image to focus on Motorola Solutions' VB400 a body worn camera designed for use by law enforcement officers and other public safety personnel. CMOS sensors used in body cameras typically offer HD (720p) or Full HD (1080p) resolution to capture clear and detailed video footage—duct, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, and style, or even provide a review.
  • Record for up to 5 hours continuously on a single charge. Configurable standby and safety modes preserve battery life
  • Minimise workload for responding workers; your VB400 security cam can be triggered to start recording immediately, when another one does so in a configurable radius.
  • The environment shouldn’t stop you from getting the video you need. Operate in temperatures between -20°C and +50°C, with IP67 ingress protection for protection against wind, rain, and snow.
  • Keep your workers safe using the Tactical VideoManager interactive map — or leverage VideoManager’s powerful API to interface with your software.
7. Wi-Fi
  • With Wi-Fi connectivity, users can remotely access the VB400 body worn camera's live video feed or recorded footage using a compatible smartphone or tablet. This feature enables supervisors or command center personnel to monitor situations in real time and support field personnel as needed.
Practical Applications of the Motorola VB400 Body Camera:

1. Law Enforcement
  • Police officers can use the VB400 to document interactions with the public, providing transparency and accountability. The high-definition footage and GPS data can be crucial in investigations and court proceedings.
2. Security Services
  • Security personnel can utilize the VB400, the best body camera to monitor and record activities, ensuring the safety of premises and individuals. The camera’s durability and long battery life make it ideal for extended patrols and surveillance tasks.
3. Emergency Services
  • For paramedics and firefighters, the VB400 can record critical incidents and patient interactions, offering valuable documentation for medical and legal purposes. The camera’s rugged design ensures it can withstand the demanding environments of emergency response.
4. Workplace Safety and Training
  • In industries with high safety risks, the best body worn camera, VB400 can be used to monitor compliance with safety protocols and document incidents. Footage can also be used for training purposes, helping to improve safety practices and reduce workplace accidents.
5. Private Investigations
  • Private investigators can benefit from the VB400’s discreet and reliable recording capabilities, capturing clear evidence during their investigations. The camera’s GPS logging adds layer of documentation for tracking movements and verifying locations.

The Motorola VB400 Body Camera is a powerful tool that enhances safety, security, and accountability in various professional fields. With its high-definition video, rugged design, long battery life, and advanced features like pre-event recording and GPS integration, the VB400 is designed to meet the demands of any situation.